Collaborative leadership is about working with your team to understand where our strengths can amplify, push, prod, support, and engage your team's strengths. We could do it alone, but that would end in disaster for everyone. Making the decision to rebuild your core business systems isn't simple – it is expensive, time-consuming, and challenging, not something to be taken lightly. Everyone needs to be part of that effort - bought in, prepared.

The orchid team knows this. We embed ourselves to understand your business needs and processes. We look for opportunities to guide and support change and all the hard and soft points of resistance to make the project successful. This embeddedness is what we enjoy most about the puzzle of your organization. It is what makes us both successful.

Member-Centered Change Management is about understanding how changing business processes can benefit and enhance the membership experience and how change can get staff out of the loop of doing "dumb things" and into a place of effective support and growth.

Member-Centered design applies to both members and staff. We understand how important both of those players are to the success of the organization and the growth in your little pocket of the universe.

Keeping involvement high leads to clearer results and better adoption. Member-centered design is the best way to get the most out of an expensive, time-consuming, and complicated process.

Lastly, Orchid believes in Uncompromising Sustainability. If you spend a year and many zeros of dollars you want the investment to last. One way would be to limit the technical debt of customization. We believe in limiting unnecessary customization that will be hard to manage or require constant technical intervention.

We believe in talking through the shortcomings of automation to arrive at a solution that aligns the effort and the cost.

If your team would benefit from a partnership like this - call us to discuss.

We can speak candidly about the process, our approach to projects like yours, and what you might expect in the marketplace.

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Orchid's Approach to
Managed Services

Managed services are an augmented approach the support. We are a fractional resource that serves as an extension of internal resources. We prefer to engage with organizations with internal salesforce capacity but need additional support for more technical efforts.

A typical engagement is 40-150 hours a month. These long-term relationships benefit from a three-pronged approach.

Most organizations that engage with us have some pent-up demand. They've put off maintenance and need to catch up on patches and upgrades. We run tests and analyze the existing implementation and make recommendations around modernizing.
We look at the business processes that have developed out of bad habits and necessities. As things have broken or become unreliable, staff has developed workarounds and manual efforts to get work done. This phase is transformation.
Once your heads are above water and you aren't just hobbling along - we move into Innovation and start using Salesforce in more creative ways to support and extend your organization.

We took a rolling deployment approach and brought Orchid on board to lead discoveries into other parts of the business. By the time our internal team was ready to bring the next group on board we were ready and they were exited. Without Orchid’s help I think that would have been a lot of resistance.

Love the attitude, love the confidence. Orchid has made an otherwise intimidating process fun. I can’t believe I’m saying that but it’s really true.

I would follow them into a burning building.

We’ve been through 3 companies since we went live. No one has gotten us as far as Orchid has in just a few months. We’re really impressed.