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Our Phased Approach to Implementation

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Orchid’s approach to discovery is both broad and deep; engaging all your stakeholders and employees to ensure all fundamental processes and needs are considered. We do this with both adoption and long-term success in mind. Orchid’s discovery process is a tight partnership with the client that includes understanding current systems and business processes as well as short and long term goals. Deliverables include transcribed recordings of all meetings, validated requirements and full scope solution documents for you to take into the implementation project; fully prepared to know what lies ahead.


Most Salesforce implementations leave the business leaders behind far too quickly. Orchid’s implementation process keeps them involved throughout the process; ensuring a strong relationship and a clear path to change management in adoption. Orchid’s staffing model is designed to flex with the needs of a client’s implementation. We break up the project into defined, predictable sprints and validate all the features and needs before beginning each segment.


Data Migration

Data migration can be the hardest part of moving from legacy systems into Salesforce. Over the years we’ve learned that successfully moving and validating data is only part of the need. It also needs to move through the configuration successfully. This perspective means a much tighter allegiance between implementation and data specialists than is typical. Without this hand-in-glove approach data stays messy and your implementation breaks at critical points in your business.