Orchid Connect

NPSP & Salesforce: Your Nonprofit’s Dream Team!

We know you’ve got capes and big hearts, but how about some extra firepower for managing all that essential data? Enter NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) and Salesforce – the dynamic duo that gives you the ultimate power-up for a comprehensive view of your nonprofit’s data.

Holy Integration, Batman!

NPSP plays nice with Salesforce, so you can kiss data silos goodbye. It’s like having a data superhighway where everything flows smoothly, from donor info to program outcomes.

Unmask Insights

Want to know which fundraising strategies are hitting the bullseye or where volunteers are making the most impact? NPSP and Salesforce help you unmask insights that drive your mission forward.

Donor Delight

Say hello to personalized donor experiences. With a 360-degree view of donor interactions, you can send just the right thank-you messages and updates to keep your supporters grinning from ear to ear.

Efficiency, Ahoy!

No more wrestling with spreadsheets or deciphering hieroglyphics of data. With NPSP and Salesforce, you’re on the fast track to efficiency, freeing up more time for what you do best – changing the world.

Reporting with Pizazz

Create dazzling reports and dashboards that even Tony Stark would envy. Visualize your nonprofit’s impact and share it with your team, board, and supporters.

NPSP and Salesforce are like the Batman and Robin of nonprofit data management. With their powers combined, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your nonprofit’s data, enabling you to do more good, more efficiently. It’s time to suit up and take your nonprofit to new heights! 

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