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Managed Services

Monthly support to enhane internal resources. 

Recruiting &
Placement Services

Let us resource the perfect team for your next project.

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Implementation Services

Allow us to make your Salesforce rollout a success.

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We’ve been through 3 companies since we went live. No one has gotten us as far as Orchid has in just a few months. We’re really impressed.

Testimonial 4

I would follow them into a burning building.

Testimonial 3

Love the attitude, love the confidence. Orchid has made an otherwise intimidating process fun. I can’t believe I’m saying that but it’s really true.

Testimonial 2

We took a rolling deployment approach and brought Orchid on board to lead discoveries into other parts of the business. By the time our internal team was ready to bring the next group on board we were ready and they were exited. Without Orchid’s help I think that would have been a lot of resistance.

Testimonial 1