Orchid Connect

Salesforce Customization: Your Association, Your Rules!

Don’t let your CRM hold you back – use Salesforce customization features to dance to your association’s unique beat. It’s like tailoring a suit, but for your data.

Be the Boss: With Salesforce customization, you’re the boss of your CRM. Mold it to match your association’s needs, processes, and quirks. No compromises!

Effortless Efficiency: Say goodbye to clunky workarounds. When Salesforce aligns with your workflows, tasks become smoother, and productivity soars.

Salesforce Customization

Data That Speaks Your Language: Associations have their data dialects. With Salesforce customization, you can customize fields, objects, and reports, so your data tells your association’s story.

Future-Ready: As your association evolves, Salesforce evolves with it. Add, modify, or extend features to keep up with your ever-changing needs.


Orchid Connect is a woman-owned Salesforce implementation firm with 30 years of experience serving associations, non-profits and small/medium businesses. We specialize in strategic and implementation services, go-to-market support, and ongoing support. To learn more, reach us at reachout@orchidconnect.com.