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What to Look For: Senior Salesforce Developer

Hiring a senior Salesforce engineer is a critical decision, as they play a crucial role in developing, maintaining, and optimizing Salesforce solutions for an organization. Here are vital considerations to keep in mind when looking for a senior Salesforce engineer:

  1. Salesforce Certifications:

    • When looking for a senior Salesforce developer, ensure that the candidate holds relevant and up-to-date Salesforce certifications. Look for certifications such as Salesforce Certified Platform Developer, Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, and any other certifications related to specific Salesforce Clouds or functionalities.
  2. Proven Experience:

    • Look for a senior Salesforce engineer with a solid track record of working on complex Salesforce projects. Request examples of previous work, project outcomes, and the impact of their contributions on the organizations they’ve worked with.
  3. Technical Proficiency:

    • When looking for a senior Salesforce developer, assess the candidate’s technical proficiency in Salesforce development. This includes expertise in Apex, Lightning components, Visualforce, SOQL, and other relevant technologies. A senior engineer should be capable of handling complex coding requirements.
  4. Integration Expertise:

    • Evaluate the engineer’s experience with integrating Salesforce with other systems. This includes knowledge of various integration patterns, RESTful APIs, SOAP APIs, and middleware tools for seamless data exchange.
  5. Customization and Configuration Skills:

    • A senior Salesforce engineer should have advanced skills in customizing and configuring Salesforce solutions. This includes designing and implementing custom objects, workflows, approval processes, and automation rules.
  6. Performance Optimization:

    • Look for experience in optimizing the performance of Salesforce implementations. This involves understanding best practices for coding, configuration, and data management to ensure efficient and scalable solutions.
  7. Release Management and Deployment:

    • Assess the candidate’s experience with Salesforce release management and deployment processes. Familiarity with tools like Salesforce DX and knowledge of best practices for version control is valuable.
  8. Problem-Solving Abilities:

    • Senior engineers should be adept problem solvers. They should be able to analyze complex requirements, troubleshoot issues, and provide effective solutions. Assess their approach to problem-solving through real-world scenarios.
  9. Salesforce Lightning Experience:

    • Lightning Experience is a crucial aspect of the Salesforce platform. Ensure the candidate has hands-on experience building Lightning components and implementing solutions in the Lightning framework.
  10. Governance and Best Practices:

    • Evaluate the engineer’s understanding of governance and best practices on the Salesforce platform. This includes considerations for data security, access controls, and maintaining a clean and efficient Salesforce org.
  11. Continuous Learning:

    • Salesforce is a platform that evolves continuously. Look for candidates who are committed to continuous learning, stay updated on new Salesforce features and releases, and actively engage with the Salesforce community.
  12. Communication Skills:

    • Effective communication is crucial, especially for senior roles. The engineer should be able to communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. This includes documenting solutions and providing training when necessary.
  13. Collaboration and Teamwork:

    • Assess the candidate’s ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, including administrators, business analysts, and other developers. Senior engineers should be influential team players and mentors to junior team members.
  14. Leadership Qualities:

    • Depending on the role, leadership qualities may be essential. Senior engineers may lead technical discussions, make architectural decisions, and provide guidance on best practices.
  15. Client-Facing Skills:

    • If the role involves client interaction, assess the candidate’s ability to work with clients, understand their requirements, and provide effective solutions. Client-facing skills are crucial for successful project delivery and customer satisfaction.

By considering these factors, you can identify a senior Salesforce engineer who not only possesses the technical skills required but also aligns with the culture and goals of your organization.

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