Orchid Connect

Tanya Renne - CEO

Tanya is Orchid's driving force. For over three decades, she has accomplished an extraordinary career defined by her ability to consistently guide client teams through their most challenging implementations. Tanya's expertise as a solution architect and strategist is unmatched. She is renowned for her grasp of intricate details and remarkable ability to distill complex ideas through vivid metaphors. Beyond her business prowess, she is a passionate potter and a culinary enthusiast, indulging in the occasional extravagant meal.

Amilcar Gaubeur

Amilcar is brilliant and serious. He's not one to crack jokes and kid with clients but he makes up for it with creative and elegant solutions that constantly hit the mark for reliable, stable, maintainable results. When he's not being technical you'll find him at the beach, enjoying local vineyards or playing street hockey with the local kids on his block.


Gabriel Meucci

Gabriel is always enthusiastic and creative. He's famous for passing his salesforce certifications on the first try and constantly improving his language skills. If your project includes complex flows he's probably had a role in creating them. He's a joy to work with and his positive attitude makes him one of the most popular team members at Orchid. When he's not dug in behind the computer he enjoys cooking, wine, spending time with family and waterskiing.


Juliana Fonseca

Juliana is the most versatile member of the team with both deep development skills and front end design skills. She's just as likely to be solving a complex data or code problem as she is making your community portal pixel-perfect. If Orchid were in the business of cloning, it'd be a hard choice, but we'd probably all pick Juliana. She's easy to work with and a committed professional. She loves to cook and parasail - when she's not doing either of those things she can be found reading in a hammock under the trees.


Svet Vladov

Svet is our man behind the scenes. A capable system administrator, Svet keeps us safe from hackers and malware, runs integrations and generally keeps things moving smoothly. He's another one that never seems to sleep but on the rare occassion when you find he's not available he's riding horses and hunting for mushrooms.


Nolan Burke

Nolan is a data geek who believes data and creativity are the same thing. She enjoys tackling puzzles, meeting new clients and keeping projects moving cleanly and clearly through struggle to satisfaction. She's big on accountability and process improvement but not too much of a stickler. She enjoys long weekend swimming and paddling and the occasional century bike ride.

Paul Bartolome

Paul is the most senior Orchid teammate; having joined Orchid in 2005. He started as a front-end designer and has grown into and through every role on his way to basically having to do anything no one else can or wants to do. He's a man of few words and even less sleep. The joke among his teammates is that he's really 30 people in India. When he's not working, which is never, he's commuting to and from his farm.

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Nic Delgado

Nic supports implementation efforts and extends all things Cyril. He's thorough and conscientious and committed to solving problems in ways that emphasize the needs of the client, not just the need to clear the task. He loves the rollerblading, board games and stars.


Valerie Cure

Valerie loves to solve problems and learn new things everyday. Her favorite part of a new project is absorbing quirky new business rules and jumping straight into providing value. She's the rare blend of skilled project manager and excellent administrator. She loves to cook, garden and study Egyptian history.