Orchid Connect

Salesforce can do something for everyone. Evangelists will tell you it can do anything and everything for everyone. Whether or not it’s the right tool for your needs is a question we can’t answer here. However, the extension and expansion of Salesforce in recent years has made it a viable tool for many arenas. Salesforce’s made-for-purpose tools, data models, configurations and partner add-ons are designed to support the specific needs of different business processes in different domains. It’s really revolutionary – the mass-customizable, off-the-shelf software we’ve all dreamed of for decades.

Make no mistake, there are limitations. However, change management, proper strategic consultation and a parter to help navigate can bring you and your organization closer to that dream. Below are some of the domains we’ve helped embrace and transform their business needs with Salesforce.

Charitable Organizations
Higher-Ed and Education Organizations
Municipal Organizations
Small Businesses
Youth and Family Organizations