Orchid Connect

Orchid is celebrating 30 years of innovation and resilience. Orchid’s journey has been a testament to our  commitment and reinvention of the changing software landscape. Since our inception in 1995, we have evolved together with our marketplace, primarily working with associations and Non-profit Organizations. We’ve navigated the ever-changing arena of technology with a spirit of adaptability and a thirst for innovation.

In the early years, we focused on web design and development. We expanded into venture-funded custom software solution with an eye in making content sharing and collaborative communications the rule rather than the norm. At our foundation is an appetite for embracing emerging technologies –setting the stage for growth and relevance. As the industry experienced rapid transformations, we evolved alongside it, weathering economic downturns and emerging stronger each time.

From the dot-com boom, to the challenges of the early 2000s, to the financial crises — each presented formidable hurdles for all small companies like ours. We didn’t always see these moments as opportunities to refine our strategies, streamline our operations, and reinforce our commitment, but more often than not, we did so anyway.

Throughout this 30-year journey, the driving force behind our success has been the talented individuals who make up our team. Their dedication, adaptability, and passion for innovation have been instrumental in propelling us forward.