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Resources – FAQs, Readiness, Implementation and Data

Orchid’s core values include empowering our clients to be self-sufficient. The following are useful tools to help you get going, 


What are your questions? What are questions others ask? Are you asking the right questions? 

Common Questions About Fonteva
Salesforce implementation services: FAQs
Salesforce Managed Services: FAQs

Readiness Resources

Are you ready to move forward? How could you know? Take one of our readiness surveys to get a sense of where you are and where you might want to g before declaring yourselves fully ready. 

Field Service Cloud Readiness Survey
Fonteva Readiness Survey
Non-Profit Cloud Readiness Survey
Pardot Readiness Survey
Salesforce Readiness Survey

Implementation and Planning

If you’re ready and need some tools to help organize your thoughts. 

Pre-Implementation Planning
Discovery Meeting
10 Needs-Assessment Questions to Ask
Salesforce Implementation Checklist
Go to Market with Salesforce
Sample: User Acceptance Testing

Data Resources

Migrating your data is one of the most consequential phases of implementation. There is no such thing as over planning when it comes to data. Here are some useful data resources to help manage that critical process. 

Data Assessment and Profiling
Data Cleansing and Transformation Strategy
Data Mapping
Data Migration
Sample: Data Communication Plan
Sample: Data Migration Objectives
Sample: Data Ownership & Governance