Orchid Connect

1. What’s your primary goal with Pardot implementation?

  1. Boost Lead Generation
  2. Improve Lead Nurturing
  3. Enhance Email Marketing
  4. Streamline Marketing Operations
  5. Other: ______

2. Do you have a dedicated Pardot admin or team in place?

  1. Absolutely, we’ve got our Pardot wizard!
  2. Not yet, but we’re actively searching.
  3. No, and we could use guidance on this.

3. Have you identified the key stakeholders and decision-makers for your Pardot project?

  1. Absolutely, they’re excited and ready!
  2. We’ve identified some but need introductions.
  3. Not yet, but we have a plan to find them.

4. Have you mapped out your current marketing processes and workflows?

  1. Yes, we’ve got it all mapped out!
  2. We’ve started, but more detailed mapping is needed.
  3. Not yet, but it’s a priority on our list.

5. What’s your budget range for Pardot implementation?

  1. We’ve got a solid budget in place.
  2. We have a rough estimate but need to refine it.
  3. Budget planning is currently in progress.

6. Have you set a target date for kicking off your Pardot implementation?

  1. Absolutely, we’re ready to roll!
  2. We have a general idea but need to finalize the date.
  3. Target date? That’s still in the works.

7. Do you clearly understand your target audience and personas?

  1. Yes, we’ve got personas nailed down.
  2. We’ve started but could use more insights.
  3. We are still working on defining our personas.

8. Have you gathered and organized your marketing assets (emails, content, etc.) for Pardot?

  1. We’re organized and ready to go!
  2. We’ve started, but we need to tidy things up.
  3. Assets? That’s a work in progress.

9. Are you familiar with basic email marketing and automation concepts?

  1. Yes, we’re email marketing pros!
  2. We have a decent understanding but could use some tips.
  3. Automation? We’re still learning.

Scoring: For every question 2-9 you answered 1 = 4 points, 2 = 3 points, 3= 2 points, 4=0 

20-24 – You’re ready. Ready means you’ve already done a lot of the thinking and planning, which makes all the difference between a successful and a failed implementation. 

15-19 – You’re almost ready. There are a few things you need to nail down. You could get some support on those – another set of eyes, an outsider, but you can also push through with your team. It’ll still be challenging, but the further you go, the easier this will be. 

11-14 – I’d get some support, but plan to take this up again next cycle. If you aren’t ready, it’s essential not to press until you are. It’ll only fail. 

0-10 – You’re fun. Self-awareness is key. There are a lot of places you can go to get in a better place to address some of these things. Check out our list of resources HERE for guidance. 

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